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You gotta love the subversiveness of having Claire play The Woman Card twice to court misogyny for potential gain and it backfiring both times. This show’s such Bad Feminist Porn and I live for it. 

I was advised to change my surname because no one could pronounce it. People still can’t pronounce it. But I thought my dad would kill me if I changed it. In the end, I decided that what you need to do is what we can now officially call “Cumberbatch” it: make sure that you become sufficiently well-known that no-one could mis-pronounce your name.

Mark Gatiss (pronounced “Gay-tiss" and not "Gah-tiss”) [x] (via enigmaticpenguinofdeath)




Suddenly desperate for a TDW ‘post-credits’ of Loki waiting til Thor is gone before whipping out a phone and snapchatting a selfie to Tony, captioned ’my suit of armour is bigger than yours' with the Destroyer holding him bridal-style while sitting on the throne

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